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Licensed Mercedes Benz X-Class 24v Kids Electric Ride on Jeep 4WD Rubber Wheels - Silver

This Mercedes-Benz X Class 24V 4WD has took the standards to another level! The detail on this is amazing! The Rubber Wheels, the Leather seats and the 4WD tick all the boxes. Also the D1,D2,D3 P,R on the dashboard add extra quality to this amazing Ride on Pick up Truck

This Licensed Mercedes Benx X Class 24v is Latest must have for 2019. The detail on this Pick up Truck really is first class.


This 24V Ride on Jeep is powered by 4no 35w motors. You can also choose between 2WD OR 4WD!!!

You also have 3 forward speeds as well as reverse. D1, D2, D3, P,  R all controled by a Gearstick. 

The Rubber Wheels and Leather seat make for more smoother & comfortable ride.

Lets not forget this is also Parental Control!!


So what's all included?

Licensed By Mercedes

2.4G Parental Remote Control

Rubber Wheels

Leather Seat

Two seater

Seat belt

2no 12v7ah Batteries

2WD or 4WD option

Music on Steering Wheel

LED Front & Rear Lights

3 Forward Speeds & Reverse

Opening doors

Opening tailgate

142cm x 78 x 66